Healing the Heart of Addictive Mind with Iboga From Gabon, Africa

Learn How Iboga from Cenral Africa Heal the Heart of Addictive Mind

The heart of the addictive mind is desire. The mind gets captured into the most pleasurable experiences. And suddenly the new and conditioned thought pattern is in place.

A long ago, in an African village, a pygmy hunter discovered a porcupine caught in his traps. Upon eating it, his wife began to feel strange and developed visions of neighbors in her village. She also felt an innate connection with the natural world. The chief of the village went to find out the source of the porcupine and noticed the bark of a shrub had been eaten.

Iboga can show you what you’ve been doing to yourself. It can also show the real nature of your mind. It provides you with the opportunity to connect with your soul. This isn’t just about healing the addictive mind. This is a journey into the roots of your existence. It reveals to you how to use your mind.

For people who have experienced various levels of addiction, we know what a chaotic, tug-of-war it is in our head. The truth buried deep inside our existence that gets showered with delusion to avoid having to face reality. How do we create a path of happiness by getting to the truth?

Enter the Bwiti…

Usage and Practice of Iboga shaped the Bwiti tradition.

Bwiti is a tradition – It is a spiritual path of self-discovery. It is simply the study of life itself. Through it, you can easily master the art of knowing.

The feeling that you’re missing something is an illusion. It drives the addictive mind and attachment in our lives. When we buy into this belief that we are lacking is the moment desires capture our mind. It’s a scramble to feel pleasure.

Iboga first requires detoxification before you can go on a “psychospiritual” journey to get advice and guidance from your ancestors. Most people experience detoxification of some sort that can take the form of vomiting, sweating, aches and pains, itching, etc. These experiences vary from one person to another. It can also depend on what the spirit of iboga needs to show you.

Iboga seems to know what you need. There is one thing for certain: you will receive a re-wiring of sorts that clears beliefs, opinions, and impressions from your mind. Iboga offers you a chance to begin with a clean slate. However, you still have to be mindful and be real with yourself. You must know that it is not a magic bullet. It won’t work without you having to make the choice to be happy.

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