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Australia just legalized MDMA to treat mental health (Buy MDMA online Australia)

This week, Australia announced it will officially recognize psychedelic drugs MDMA and psilocybin as medical treatments for conditions including PTSD, depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. buy mdma online australia Order now The TGA is yet to officially approve any of the therapies. Right now, they are considered “unapproved” medicinal remedies – and a lot of […]

Mushroom Chocolate Bars: Dosage, Microdosing and Side Effects

Wilder and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms are taking over as one of the most popular psychotropic drugs that have been making waves everywhere. While it’s rooted in nature and has been used to heal for many the same way marijuana has been making breakthroughs in the healthcare industry, magic mushrooms are still considered a Schedule I […]

Commonly Abused Drugs That Ibogaine Can Cure With Micro-Dosing

Although it is not yet possible to measure the severity of drug use, it’s however, well known that drug use is everywhere and it’s real. As used from bathrooms and refrigerators to cars and street corners, alcohol and drug use affect every part of our culture. Unlike women, men are more likely to use almost all […]

Eboka/Iboga Rootbark Shavings why it is called the Bois Sacre

Tabernanthe iboga is also known by many names such as Bois Sacré and Eboka. Eboka is a shrub. The tree is used for ritual and ceremonial purposes in some west and central African cultures. Bwiti is a spiritual discipline of the forest-dwelling Punu and Mitsogo peoples of Gabon where it is recognized as one of three official religions and also by the Fang people of Gabon […]

Healing the Heart of Addictive Mind with Iboga From Gabon, Africa

Learn How Iboga from Cenral Africa Heal the Heart of Addictive Mind The heart of the addictive mind is desire. The mind gets captured into the most pleasurable experiences. And suddenly the new and conditioned thought pattern is in place. A long ago, in an African village, a pygmy hunter discovered a porcupine caught in […]

Iboga Medicine – Psychedelic Healing Being Done The Bwiti Way

Use of Iboga for Psychedelic Healing the Bwiti Way Iboga is one of the most popular psychedelic plant medicines in the world. It can refer to different plants in the Apocynaceae family of perennial rainforest shrubs containing psychoactive properties. They includeTabernanthe iboga, Voacanga Africana, etc. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small […]

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